Theunis Potgieter wrote:
>> There is an object of cChannel for each channel, and they are stored in
>> a list. You can either patch VDR to modify cChannel::Name() so that it
>> takes the original name as an index into some database of yours, or
>> modify the names in your channels.conf and set "Setup/DVB/Update channels"
>> to "PIDs only".
>> Just curious: what's wrong with the original names?
> The long names and the short names are the same. Asking my broadcaster
> to fix it would achieve the same results as if you would be talking to
> a brick wall :)

to prevent patching of vdr
how about creating a kind of favorite channel plugin that has its own
"namelist" which refers to the unique channel "markers" (like in
maybe similar to that

beside the fact that you have you chosen name for the channel it reduces
the channel list to what you need

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