2010/1/5 Lars Bläser <lblae...@mainz-online.de>:
> Theunis Potgieter wrote:
> ...
>>> There is an object of cChannel for each channel, and they are stored in
>>> a list. You can either patch VDR to modify cChannel::Name() so that it
>>> takes the original name as an index into some database of yours, or
>>> modify the names in your channels.conf and set "Setup/DVB/Update channels"
>>> to "PIDs only".
>>> Just curious: what's wrong with the original names?
>> The long names and the short names are the same. Asking my broadcaster
>> to fix it would achieve the same results as if you would be talking to
>> a brick wall :)
> to prevent patching of vdr
> how about creating a kind of favorite channel plugin that has its own
> "namelist" which refers to the unique channel "markers" (like in
> timers.conf)
> maybe similar to that
> http://famillejacques.free.fr/vdr/prefermenu/
> beside the fact that you have you chosen name for the channel it reduces
> the channel list to what you need

Thanks for your idea, but it does not suite my needs. The idea of mine
is so that any plugin/vdr function that calls on channel information
should see my version of the long name. e.g. vdr-streamdev, vdr-xine,
vdr-xineliboutput, vdr-wapd etc.

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