Sorry to make things complicated, but would it not satisfy everybody
needs if you could bind to an ip address, which could be any one you
specify? For example, I would prefer mine to be bind to my eth0's ip
for internal lan clients to connect, but not accessible via ppp0 for

So I guess what I'm asking is, if you could start vdr with a listen
parameter switch and could specify for each listen switch a source ip
address or even a interface name?


2010/1/9 Manuel Reimer <>:
> Hello,
> I've attached a second patch. This patch changes VDR's svdrp port handling in 
> the following way: If only the localhost item is found in svdrphosts.conf, 
> then the port is attached to "INADDR_LOOPBACK", which makes it impossible to 
> reach the port from outside. As soon as even one additional item is added, 
> the port is opened to "INADDR_ANY", again, so the port is accessible from 
> network. This way, the default configuration of VDR is "rock solid" and there 
> should be no need to disable svdrp at all. We also have no additional 
> configuration mechanisms. The user only has to work with svdrphosts.conf, as 
> he did with previous VDR versions.
> CU
> Manuel
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