> I've attached a second patch. This patch changes VDR's svdrp port
> handling in the following way: If only the localhost item is found in
> svdrphosts.conf, then the port is attached to "INADDR_LOOPBACK", which
> makes it impossible to reach the port from outside. As soon as even one
> additional item is added, the port is opened to "INADDR_ANY", again, so
> the port is accessible from network. This way, the default configuration

I was just about to prepare a patch which does this, and apart from
the naming of functions it looks _identical_ to this one.
So it has to be correct :-) (I've also tested that this works with
empty or missing svdrphosts.conf too, although in this case we could
as well disable SVDRP entirely.)

Documentation and sample is correct in this case, too.


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