Theunis Potgieter wrote:
> Sorry to make things complicated, but would it not satisfy everybody
> needs if you could bind to an ip address, which could be any one you
> specify? For example, I would prefer mine to be bind to my eth0's ip
> for internal lan clients to connect, but not accessible via ppp0 for
> example.
> So I guess what I'm asking is, if you could start vdr with a listen
> parameter switch and could specify for each listen switch a source ip
> address or even a interface name?

... where we would be back at my first patch, which added the possiblity to 
specify the svdrp port in the way "$IP:$PORT".

Maybe it would be an idea to combine the two. If the IP is given at command 
line with the -p switch, then this setting is preferred. If the IP isn't given 
at command line, then it is if svdrphosts.conf only contains 
"" and otherwise.

IMHO we shouldn't get too complicated at this point, as it isn't VDRs main 
usage to be a network daemon, unlike apache, where there are much more and much 
more complicated ways to listen to one or multiple ports and to filter based on 


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