VDR User wrote:
> The problem is with the design (lack of adequate bandwidth) of your
> card, not VDR.  I don't think it makes much sense to force/limit VDR
> in any way just to accommodate design flaws with that FF card (which I
> own as well btw).  I agree that users experiencing this problem should
> consider the hw mod or adding another adapter.
> Also, the switch to ts was prompted by a few factors, one of which
> being many users requesting it.  VDR is finally getting away from the
> limitations of being based around FF cards, let's not take any steps
> backwards!

A wrapper between TS and PES wouldn't have to be placed into VDR, but into the 
kernel driver.

My idea was the following: The FF card is able to play PES pretty well. It 
fails, if more than one channel on a transponder is recorded, but this is no 
major problem.

Now, with the switch to TS in VDR, the kernel driver has been modified, so TS 
can be fetched from the FF card. Even the firmware for the card has been 
modified. IMHO this means, that the card now has to transfer TS from the tuner 
through the DSP to the PCI bus.

I don't know exactly how the card works internally, but may it be possible that 
PES needs less bandwith than TS does? If so, then maybe the modification of the 
firmware was bad idea, as the card is not able to handle the TS stream. A much 
better idea would be, in this case, to let the card work with PES, internally, 
as it was designed to do. To be able to deliver TS to VDR, a PES to TS 
translation could be placed into the kernel driver. VDR wouldn't even know, 
that the card still works with PES.

This has *nothing* to do with the Full TS mod, as this mod routes the data 
directly to the PCI bus, without the need to pass the data through the DSP.

Maybe this should be discussed on a more "driver related" mailing list?


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