Am 11.01.2010 16:12, schrieb Manuel Reimer:
> Depends on the source of the problem. If the problem is the tuner
> part, then this part is not in a separate plugin, as VDR still
> handles DVB cards without additional plugins. Most probably the bug
> doesn't even have something to do with VDR. It seems to be the switch
> to TS, which causes this problems. Maybe it's a bad idea to force the
> card to work with TS internally.

The PES-based VDR-1.6 also has trouble when recording from high
bandwidth channels. It doesn't crash though, it just has slow OSD,
juddery playback and partially broken recordings.
And by the way: The recording interface has always been fetching the TV
stream in TS format. Only playback was using PES.

To avoid this, either switch to a lower bandwidth channel that is fed
from a budget card, or start a recording playback and go to pause. That
way the bandwidth should be low enough.

A nice workaround would be a plugin that does this automatically as soom
as the FF device tries to record and playback high bandwidth channels at
the same time.



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