Le mercredi 20 janvier 2010 à 19:36 -0500, abbe normal a écrit :
> hello klaus
> there is open-source software for a tuner called hdhomerun if you had
> this info could native support be added to vdr... this is a network
> device and it has support in other pvr dvr setups..
> just asking as i know there is a europe model of this device... or
> going to be if not already there... plus there ive read theres
> interest in it from your side as well as my side here in the us....
> here is the site if you would like to look at it and the link to there
> software info... i do have it and it does work in command line now...
> http://www.silicondust.com/products/hdhomerun_home_atsc
> http://www.silicondust.com/downloads/linux
> let us know what you think.... i do know your time is short as you
> have other things on your desk...

For those who don't spare some time digging on the website:
* this is an Ethernet device: antenna in (single, dual), ethernet out
* no storage inside the box
* they provide an LGPL library "libhdhomerun": include hdhomerun.h
and/or hdhomerun_device.h to use the top level API

>From the README:
Top level include file: hdhomerun.h
Top level API: hdhomerun_device. See hdhomerun_device.h for
The hdhomerun_device API should be used rather than the low level
control and video APIs required with previous versions.
Additional libraries required:
- pthread
- iphlpapi (windows only)


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