On 11.01.2010 06:19, VDR User wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 12:30 AM, Giampaolo Sica <gps...@tin.it> wrote:
>> My Samsung linux based TV set (http://samygo.sourceforge.net/) won't play
>> .TS without PCR (both h.264 and mpeg2).
>> Windows media player in windows 7 can play mpeg2 and H.264 .TS only with PCR
>> pid.
>> I haven't tried any other player.
> I would say your problem should be addressed within your hacked tv
> firmware.  However, if there is a real need for PCR then I'm sure
> Klaus will consider it.

In an attempt to debug this I just made some recordings from channels
with VPID==PPID and VPID!=PPID, namely

RTL Television,RTL;RTL 

Both recordings were replayed without problems using the Windows Media Player
on Windows XP. It didn't even make a difference whether the PCR pid in the
PMT was set to an actual value or to 0x1FFF.

I was under the impression that the WMP was one of those players
that have problems if there is no PCR, but apparently it plays just fine...


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