On 26.11.2009 13:51, Giampaolo Sica wrote:
>> Maybe because you haven't applied it to your copy of version 1.7.10? ;-)
> :)))
>> In hindsight I'm not sure whether the change "Fixed writing the PCR pid
>> into the PMT in cPatPmtGenerator::GeneratePmt()" was a good idea, because
>> VDR doesn't record the PCR pid at all.
>> I tend to revert that change, because I don't think that
>> a separate PCR pid is necessary in a recording. AFAIK the
>> PCR pid is only for live viewing.
>> Klaus
> Yes, you're right if you are replaying recordings on a FF card, but:
> 1) Some players refuse to play TS streams without PCR information (screen
> remains black). 
> 2) I'm porting VDR to IPBOX 9000HD (STi710x based STB... yes, I know there
> is enigma2, but I've been using vdr since 2000 and I love it) and the PCR
> pid is essential to have the timeline while watching recording, because the
> ioctl DMX_GET_STC fails and the only way to you get time information is from
> the video/audio decoder (VIDEO_GET_PTS/ AUDIO_GET_PTS). So, even if I wrote
> a plugin for this device, I'd have to patch the base classes that is in
> contrast with the plugins philosophy

Can you please try what happens if you set

  int Ppid = 0x1FFF;

in cPatPmtGenerator::GeneratePmt()?

As far as I understand the PCR (please correct me if I'm wrong), it only
has a meaning in live mode, where PCR packets arrive at precise points in
time and are used to syncronize the player's internal clock.
When replaying a recording, it is not defined when the PCR packets arrive
at the player, and thus they have no meaning.


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