On 08.01.2010 20:16, Giampaolo Sica wrote:
> Hi Klaus,
> in the iso13818-1 (you can find a copy at
> http://neuron2.net/library/mpeg2/iso13818-1.pdf), in the section
> Input to the Transport Stream system target decoder, is explained how the
> PCR is used to reconstruct the transport stream clock. 
> Giampaolo
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> On 08.01.2010 12:19, Giampaolo Sica wrote:
>> Hi Klaus,
>> Thanks for your answer and sorry for replaying so late.
>> Setting Ppid to 0x1FFF means disable it. The effect is that some mpeg2
>> players refuse to play vdr recordings.

Can you name one that refuses to play such a recording?
Kaffeine and gxine apparently have no problem.


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