I'd like to buy/create a new dual-DVB-s2 system, WAF compatible.

I thought about the DM-8000S http://www.dm8000.co.uk/ which is quiete

My other choice would be to create a new HTPC with something like an
Asus P7H57D-V EVO http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=CadI5xNLwMYopFyJ
or another H57 mainboard like http://geizhals.eu/?cat=mbp4_1156&asuch=H57
with an Intel "Clarkdale"-CPUs (i3-xxx or i5-6xx) such that I don't need
a graphic card.

And of course a dual DVB-S2 card, like a Mystique TV Homepage - SaTiX,
CaBiX, TeRiX, HDTV, S2, H.264 http://www.mystique-tv.de/ and a good HD
and a good case.

Such a config would of course cost less than the DM-8000S and would be
much more full of power (and allow to use VDR) any thought about it ?

Thank you :-)
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