On 24 February 2010 09:47, Halim Sahin <halim.sa...@t-online.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using the cvs version already.
> You are right, the cuttingmark problem has been fixed.
> But sometimes i see the broken behaviour when using the pc keyboard for
> cutting and mooving marks quickly.
> The other mentioned things are problems of the current cvs.
> BR.
> Halim

I too am running Sunday's snapshot of xineliboutput and some of the
problems did disappear, but not all of it and even new ones cropped
up. I'm just glad that the author is indeed looking at it. That is
always a good sign :)

And to get on the xine vs xineliboutput bandwagon. xine does not
provide a media player menu where I can play external files like
mp3/avi/wmv/mkv/blu-ray/dvd/cd (from within VDR) using the IR remote
and without having to touch ssh/remote/keyboard etc. Well That was
about 2 years ago, so if xine added then perhaps I might revisit it,
if it doesn't then it doesn't suite my needs. However I have seen
where the media player option within VDR is not needed if you running
something like XBMC as another front-end. I might be looking into enna
http://enna.geexbox.org/ soon, which is similar concept as XBMC and
uses xine-lib (neither vdr-xine or vdr-xineliboutput). Will see where
that leads :)

VDR isn't useless without an output device, it can still act as a
server to set timers for recordings. I am impressed with
vdr-streamdev-server and vdr-streamdev-client as a client/server
solution it is as if I almost had 2 independent STBs, one for each
room. The only annoying "bug" that I found was, that if I ran femon on
the client, it would stop the server's current replay of a recording.
I guess that is the fault of vdr-femon?

my 2c

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