Paul Menzel wrote:
> > I just checked my archives and found that VDR replaced my analogue SAT
> > receiver around July 2002. From the beginning it was the most useful
> > linux application I ever tried. And it is still the only one which made
> > it into the living room.
> Just out of curiosity, what other applications do you use in your living
> room? And do you have different system or just one on which virtual
> machines are running?

The VDR machine is the only PC-like hardware in the living-room.
It is based on old PIII 800 MHz hardware, and it runs rock-stable.

It will not be replaced before the HDTV VDR is mature. The biggest
problem is that my eyes do not like the picture quality of current LCDs.

Of course, there is more PC hardware outside of the living-room
(server, workstations).


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