the xineliboutput guys are doing a great job with the plugin and I am
almost hapy with it.

I think the better approach was the softdevice plugin which was more
easy to install and depends only on libavcodec.
The xinelib is a big library and many plugins and other output devices
etc are not needed for vdr output's.

Unfortunately softdevice development seems dead so i switched some
months ago to xineliboutput.

The problems:
- audio dropouts on radiochannels
- audiodropouts when changing audio track in vdr
- the remote frontend has to be started after vdr and refuses to start
  when vdr can't be found
- sometimes segfaults of sxfe when switching between hd/sd channels
- some dropouts after zapping (already mentioned in this thread).
I know that Petri is working hard to resolve problems in xineliboutput
so maybe we need more time to get a stable version of the plugin.

Last weekend i've also tried vdr-xine.
Compilation was ok but I wasn't able to run vdr -P xine
I don't see any error message vdr starts and exit's.
so I can't tell something about it so far.

BTW.: is there no need for softdevice?

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