2010/3/12 Artem Makhutov <ar...@makhutov.org>:
> The S660 works well for me.

Yes, I read this for many people. As well that others have issues with it.

> It is a problem of the drivers and/or firmware. I had also the same problem.

I thought it was a driver issue.

> The only working driver for me is the official driver from the TeVii website
> and also just an older version. Unfortunaly I have deleted the original .rar
> so I can't tell you the exact version I am using right now.
> The s2-liplianin drivers do not work reliably.

I tested the drivers from:

- Tevii drivers called 100302_linux_tevii_ds3000.rar
- s2-liplianin
- v4l

I made no difference, with all drivers I encountered the same issue.
Picture breakup and at that time the system becomes inresponsive
during a SSH session.

Would you be willing to tar, compress it and upload both drivers
somewhere? You may also mail them to me, my mailbox is quite large and
can handle large attachements.

> Regards, Artem


Niels Wagenaar

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