I hardly believe that XBox 360 understand anything else than their own microsoft specific profiles.

Most DLNA servers which are XBox compliant (not vice versa as it's a microsoft product) transcode their contents to deliver it to
the XBox. Try it with another MPEG-TS in Fuppes. If it works, it will probably work with VDR files and the UPnP-Plugin as well.

However, as far as I know, XBox only supports WMA, WMV-9, maybe WMV-10 (a.k.a VC-1), in your case DivX, and MP4, but no
MPEG-TS. I found some information on the fuppes wiki: http://bit.ly/dmWyYQ

You may transcode them to H.264 m...@3.1, which should run almost in realtime without major loss of quality. Transcoding always
consumes lot of CPU power, so another solution might be better - another firmware or device?!



Theunis Potgieter schrieb:
Can't help you on fuppes.

Give vdr-upnp plugin a try, if your Xbox supports upnp or dlna, it
should work. At least my Xtreamer works propperly with firmware v2.3.1

On 3/24/10, martinez <marti...@embl.de> wrote:
I've setup an HTPC with VDR 1.7.13 and FUPPES.

The client is an xbox 360 and it can connect to FUPPES and play divx files
but not VDR's .TS recordings.

Anybody got this working and could tell me how to configure fuppes to
transcode the .TS recordings in .VOB or .MPG so the xbox 360 can play them?

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