Приветствую, Simon

please try to use this cumulate patch for streamdev-plugin from cvs


or try to use the patched version of streamdev plugin

also there's possibility to watch the femon information on xbmc-pvr

Well, I've tried the patched version above, and it is better. I now seem to be able to switch between live channels in XBMC, but still only get a few seconds of video/audio then the stream freezes.

Can you send me your VDR config for streamdev from setup.conf?  (mine below)

streamdev-server.AllowSuspend = 1
streamdev-server.HTTPBindIP =
streamdev-server.HTTPServerPort = 3000
streamdev-server.HTTPStreamType = 1
streamdev-server.IGMPBindIP =
streamdev-server.IGMPClientPort = 1234
streamdev-server.IGMPStreamType = 0
streamdev-server.MaxClients = 5
streamdev-server.ServerPort = 2004
streamdev-server.StartHTTPServer = 1
streamdev-server.StartIGMPServer = 0
streamdev-server.StartServer = 1
streamdev-server.SuspendMode = 0
streamdev-server.VTPBindIP =

ALSO - how do I activate femon in XMBC? I'm running the plugin in VDR, but can't bring up this screen:

have a look on screenshot


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