Updated to [XBMC] 28276 and have exactly the same problem. Only 3-5 seconds of video when switching to LiveTV...but recordings now play OK.


Have noticed that the video freezes at the same time as I get the following in /var/log/messages:

Mar 29 22:11:31 freddy vdr: [11020] ERROR: 1 ring buffer overflow (188 bytes dropped) Mar 29 22:11:37 freddy vdr: [11020] ERROR: 51 ring buffer overflows (9588 bytes dropped) Mar 29 22:11:43 freddy vdr: [11020] ERROR: 60 ring buffer overflows (11280 bytes dropped)

(XBMC is running on the same machine as VDR)

Goga777, looking at thread:

I'm running streamdev:
which should already have patch "streamdev-cvs221109-AddFemonV1.diff" applied

Have you seen this before??

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