Am 03.04.2010 21:17, schrieb Teemu Rantanen:
> now that I've moved from pci dvb-c cards to usb dvb-c cards, I started
> to think what happens if dvb-devices are inserted/ejected when vdr is
> running. I haven't actually tried what happens, but it looks like
> hotswapping isn't supported? 

VDR is far from being able to hot-swap.

As you've noticed, VDR only accepts properly ordered devices, and stops
after first device that is not present. This could surely be fixed
easily, and I think there have been existing patches for this.  While on
that, allowing to use DVB names other than /dev/dvb/
adapterX would be nice.

Adding devices dynamically should also be solveable with some care, the
device list just needs to be extended. An easy way would be to poll
frequently for new devices, or on manual request.

Removing devices however is really difficult. There's currently no
mechanism to unload a device before VDR is exiting. Also, removing
devices throws some questions, like what to do with running recorings
(re-tune to other devices, possibly cancelling lower priority
recordings?), and how to properly shut down all background access.

Finally, device removal needs to be detected, as the removed device will
continue to exist until being closed.

All in all, solveable, but probably not very high on the todo list...



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