now that I've moved from pci dvb-c cards to usb dvb-c cards, I started to
think what happens if dvb-devices are inserted/ejected when vdr is running.
I haven't actually tried what happens, but it looks like hotswapping isn't
supported? I guess adding a new device could be done quite easily e.g. by
probing new cards. But ejecting a device might not be that easy I guess as
there may be device pointers around vdr?

This also leads to another problem with (linux and vdr) device numbering, as
the nature of usb devices is lot less constant as with pci devices. I
noticed that e.g. if you insert 3 devices (and have adapters 0,1,2) and
remove the second adapter, then you only have (in linux) adapters 0 and 2.
Even if the device is ejected when vdr is not running, it looks like to me
(by reading cDvbDevice::Initialize()) that only adapter 0 is detected by
vdr, as the initialize loop stops after adapter 1 is not found...

Even though this isn't really a problem for most installations, I wanted to
start a thread to give this some thought.

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