Am 04.04.2010 03:37, schrieb Georg Acher:
> It is now solved by the mcli plugin by allocating all (16) devices at
> startup. When the various Provides*-methods are called for tuning, the
> plugin searches in its internal resource database for an appropriate tuner
> and assigns it to the vdr-device. If there is no appropriate tuner for the
> request the Provides-methods return simply false, so the device is skipped.
> That is virtualizing of already virtual tuners :-O
> This means also that every tuner has initially no type like DVB-S/C/T. The
> type is allocated on demand during tuning and reset when the device has no
> active PIDs (for short, actually it's a bit more complicated since there is
> no reliable resource usage tracking in vdr...).

Very impressive! Doing all that as a plugin is some smart plugin
interface usage!

For a VDR internal method things would get easier, no need to
pre-allocate dummies. Cleaning up the mess however is not as easy.

How did you solve the case that a device disappears while being used? If
this happens for a recording, then VDR would terminate with a VDSB, or?
Do you silently switch the device to another resource?



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