> > may be you will happy with
> > http://trac.xbmc.org/browser/branches/pvr-testing2/xbmc/pvrclients/vdr-vnsi/vdr-plugin-vnsiserver?rev=29133
> >
> Is this likely to replace the XBMC streamdev interface?  


I can find very 
> little on the web about this "vnsi" and there's few helps or documentation 
> yet.
> First attempt, I'm getting these errors on the VDR console with vnsi:
> NSI Server started

some of them vdr users confirmed that they had very good performance with vnsi 
and currents svn version of
pvr branch

> I can see recordings on the VDR server, but the above errors occur when I 
> try and watch live-TV.
> I'm starting VDR with just -P'vnsiserver'
> What does "processPacket exited with fail" mean? 

sorry don't know  


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