Hi Guy's,

How do you go about understanding AC-3 within a VDR context?
(apart from reading up on it online - which now has my head spinning).

I have a Hauppauge PVR-HD and two ATSC cards. The ATSC cards work as they should and with the new atsc/dn patch on 1.7.15 now have the correct dpids.

However, if I turn on add new transponders or update pids, then my Hauppauge PVR channels lose their dpid values..

Sep 1 19:10:33 oac vdr: [8186] changing pids of channel 920 from 4113+4097=27:0;4352=...@106:0:0 to 4113+4097=27:0:0:0

If I keep automatic channel updates off, then xineliboutput and streamdev work for these channels, but vdr-vnsi (xbmc) and vdr-xine don't (no audio)..

I'm assuming vdr parses the ac3 headers in some way and sends information onto the playback frontend. How would I go about seeing what those headers might be and looking into patching pat.c accordingly?

I noticed all the comments about e-ac3 and wonder if a similar patch should be made for this device.

As an aside, vdr recordings from these channels play back fine in vdr-xine.

So, more specifically, I suppose I would like to know how to find out the STREAMTYPE:

I'm pretty sure it falls under this:

              case 6: // STREAMTYPE_13818_PES_PRIVATE

But I'd be interested in seeing the flow through this section of pat.c and what is happening.. Mainly to see if something needs to be forced on?

I can create a five second VDR recording if someone wants to see what the TS stream looks like.. But I'd be interested in diagnosing it myself..



Rob Davis

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