On 02/09/10 13:35, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
On Thu, 2 Sep 2010, Rob Davis wrote:

How do you go about understanding AC-3 within a VDR context?
(apart from reading up on it online - which now has my head spinning).

The current ATSC AC-3 support requires the 'A' source type for channels
and therefore VDR never use ATSC hacks for any pvrinput channel. A quick
and dirty hack would be adding an additional check for the pvrinput
source type into cChannel::IsAtsc().

I commented out the conditional for IsAtsc on type 81 and the hdpvr stuff is now updating correctly. I wonder if this is because the Hauppauge box is passing the AC-3 stream on from the cable decoder which is probably finding encoded Qam 256 under ATSC..?

Do we need to check it's ATSC if type is 0x81? Does anything else use it and is it a problem if it does?


Rob Davis

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