I am trying to get my head around ATSC / AC3 and have discovered some ATSC Clear Qam channels disappear when update channels is on. Some playing around with pat.c and the isyslog command, I have discovered they appear to have a different type than normal.. Normally Mpeg2 is type 2, but these are 0x80? I notice they do the same thing with AC-3 (0x81 instead of 6) so probably something similar is going on.

Sep  2 23:11:29 oac vdr: [5815] pat.c     stream type = 80, pid = 2240
Sep  2 23:11:29 oac vdr: [5815] pat.c     stream type = 81, pid = 2241
Sep  2 23:11:29 oac vdr: [5815] pat.c wants to update channel
Sep 2 23:11:29 oac vdr: [5815] changing pids of channel 355 from 0+0=0:0;22...@106:0:0 to 2240+2240=128:0;22...@106:0:0

If hard coded with vpid and pid of 2240=2 and update channels of, then the picture shows.

I will attempt to diagnose tomorrow, probably by adding another Case 0x80 under Case 2 in pat and remux but wanted to point this out for future reference as I know most of the development is done outside of the ATSC world..

Then it's back to working out why my pvr-hd ac-3 (h264 and ac3 @ 720p) don't work in vdr-xine and xbmc/vnsi.. (although do work in vdr-xineliboutput and xbmc/streamdev..)


Rob Davis

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