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Am Mittwoch, den 08.09.2010, 22:48 +0300 schrieb semsem85 sami:
> I am using Yavdr 0.2 with VDR 1.7.15 and the EPG or EIT for arabic
> language is inappropriately displayed in VDR. Using the arabic 
> ISO-8859-6 in etc/default/vdr now the letters are shown correctly but
> they appear disjointed and are read from from left to right[whereas
> normally Arabic is read from right to left and the letters should be 
> connected to each other to give a word and these words give a sentence
> ]. 
> Is there any way to make the EPG readable in Arabic? Thanks alot.

1. Has it ever worked for you or is it the first time you are trying
2. Do other programs, e. g. VLC, work correctly?
3. Do you know other people having the same problems or did you find
other reports on the WWW regarding the same problem?
4. Could you attach a screenshot so that the developers know what is
going wrong exactly, please.
5. Could you attach `/etc/default/vdr`, please.
6. Could you please upload a test example somewhere so that developers
can try to reproduce your issue and test fixes themselves. Unfortunately
I do not know how to capture such an example though.
7. Are you using Arabic language for the menu of VDR too? Is it
displayed correctly there?




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