2010/9/9 Paul Menzel <paulepan...@users.sourceforge.net>:
> Dear Sami,
> [please just post normal plain/text messages [1–3].]
> Am Mittwoch, den 08.09.2010, 22:48 +0300 schrieb semsem85 sami:
>> Is there any way to make the EPG readable in Arabic? Thanks alot.
> 3. Do you know other people having the same problems or did you find
> other reports on the WWW regarding the same problem?
> 4. Could you attach a screenshot so that the developers know what is
> going wrong exactly, please.
> 5. Could you attach `/etc/default/vdr`, please.
> 6. Could you please upload a test example somewhere so that developers
> can try to reproduce your issue and test fixes themselves. Unfortunately
> I do not know how to capture such an example though.
> 7. Are you using Arabic language for the menu of VDR too? Is it
> displayed correctly there?

I think half of it is not necessary - question are:
- does vdr have arabic translation allready ?
- if not, ist it possible to have it, including right to left display
- what is required to make vdr display the text correctly from right
to left for languages requiring this

This should be questions which someone here should be able to answer.

Question to sami which remains:
- What Locale you have set ? (ar_??)
- Is the rest of the menus english or translated ?

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