On 09.09.2010 15:26, semsem85 sami wrote:
> The VDR menu in yavdr0.2 does not support Arabic i.e There is no Arabic 
> option to set.
> Where is the Locale Option? All I did was editing the /etc/default/vdr and 
> ADDING this line:
> VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE="ISO-8859-6" ,,, The "ISO-8859-6" is the Arabic ISO
> The result now Arabic lettrs per se are recognized(they were appearing 
> squares before) but as I said they are set to be read from left to right and 
> the letters are seperated from each other.
> I used XBMC LIve TV and the TV guide is displayed fine. So I think something 
> has to be changed in VDR code perhaps. I hope Klaus help us in this issue.

Please see


for a patch that I received a while ago from Osama Alrawib <alrawab at hotmail 
dot com>.
I haven't had time to take a closer look at this, or even try it myself yet.

>From a quick look at it I'm afraid it produces quite a memory leak,
because 'Rightstr' is allocated but never deleted.

I'm also not sure about the language code "ar". Normally these are
all three letter codes, so maybe it should be "ara"?

Let me know if this patch works for you, and any improvements
you might implement. I hope I'll find the time to add this to the
VDR source later on.


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