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> Al 03/11/10 21:31, En/na Alasdair Campbell ha escrit:
>> There are multiple versions of some channels, such as BBC
>> One/Two/News, Channel 4 etc. Some of these either have video and no
>> EPG, have video and EPG, or have EPG and no video... Obviously what
>> I'm looking for is the video&  the EPG - this works for BBC One, but
>> when I tune to the BBC Two which has the EPG visible, I receive no
>> signal found message.
> Terrestrial or satellite?

Sorry forgot to say - it's Terrestrial.

> I'm not really sure, but the issue should be the same in both cases: the
> service id should be sufficient to identify a channel, regardless of the
> transponder, but since some broadcasters reuse the same id in more than one
> transponder, vdr uses both the transponder and the service id to
> differentiate channels.
> The result is that when a channel changes transponder (like the uk channels
> recently did), vdr would probably find a new channel instead of replacing
> the tuning data of the existing one.

Ah so, the initial tuning file I'm using from dvbutils is out of date,
and VDR finds the new transponders instantly?

> Well, I think there should be a better way, but the only current option is
> to let vdr update all channels and manually delete the old, non working
> ones.

I've left VDR set at "Add New Transponders" which presumably is the
most promiscuous mode, and will see what it comes up with over the
next hour or so.

Thanks for the reply!

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