Hey Tony,

On 4 November 2010 12:59, Tony Houghton <h...@realh.co.uk> wrote:
> I've written my own scanningtool, which handles Freesat LCNs too, which
> are supplied in the BAT instead of the NIT. This needs a bit of kludging
> because I don't understand how the regions are handled by STBs so I have
> to use manual overrides ("BBC 1 South" = 101 etc) and a bit of
> shuffling. Then I've got another script which combines my Freesat and
> Freeview listings, making sure the LCNs don't clash. It also merges the
> new data with an existing channels.conf so it can deal with channels
> like BBC THREE/FOUR time sharing with CBeebies/CBBC etc. Really VDR
> shouldn't scan and store PIDs, but get them when tuning.

Any chance you could put the source to this scanning tool on github or
something similar for others to play with?


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