On 10/11/10 12:05, Teemu Suikki wrote:
I think there is a bug in epgsearch.. See epgsearchtools.c line 806:

    if ((!compareTitle || Title1 == Title2)&&
        (!compareSubtitle || (Subtitle1 == Subtitle2&&
(compareSubtitle==2 || Subtitle1!=""))))

I don't really understand the last check. Perhaps there should be "=="
instead of "!=" or something?

I don't think its a bug, it seems to be the intended function.

1) First it checks that we either said 'don't compare the title' or the titles match (!compareTitle || Title1 == Title2)

2a) Then it ANDs this with a check that either we said 'don't compare the subtitle' (!compareSubtitle) OR the subtitles match (Subtitle1 == Subtitle2) AND also we've either said 'only if present' (compareSubtitle==2) OR at least one of the sub-titles is non-empty (Subtitle1!="")

I just don't know why its a useful function :-)

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