On 12.11.2010 23:10, Dieter Hametner wrote:
> Hi
> Am Freitag, 12. November 2010 schrieb Christian Tramnitz:
>> Right now when the needs of a vdr extension goes beyond core SVDRP
>> capabilities a different approach is being used by the each extensions.
>> Prominent examples are:
>> - vdradmin (using native SVDRP and suffering from its performance,
>> optional use of direct file access to epg data)
>> - live-plugin (integrating into vdr as plugin)
>> - vdr iphone remote (using native SVDRP and due the bad performance and
>> encryption capabilities an optional web-based interface)
>> (and I'm sure there are more)
>> [...]
>> Now I would like to start a few discussions related to this topic, the
>> ones that come to my mind mind first are:
>> - Should this be implemented as plugin or in core vdr as svdrp extension?
>> - Would Klaus accept patches if this will be native SVDRP?
>> - Are developers/maintainers of current or feature plugins/extensions
>> interested in such a solution?
>> - What technical implementation would make most sense?
>> - Who would be willing to contribute to such a project?
> The live-plugin has support (contributed by third party developer) for SSL 
> connections to its internal web-server. See the README file in LIVE for more 
> details.
> The concept how LIVE works as plugin could be generalized to provide a 
> 'generic' (SVDRP like) access via xml-http(s)-requests or via JSON etc.
> The general disadvantage of such an approach is, that it creates an 
> 'officially unsupported' way to control VDR remotely. I mean it does not get 
> 'standardized' by Klaus :)

Well, I don't think that Christian needs my "blessing" if he wants
to implement this as a plugin ;-)

However, my suggestion would be to implement authentication, encryption
and compression as an externel "layer". Much like a proxy, which offers
a secure port to the outside world, and internally connects to the
standard SVDRP interface of VDR. That way, all security relevant code
would be separate from VDR (it's a video recorder, not "Fort Knox" ;-)
and anyone going through that gateway could make full use of all SVDRP
commands, including those implemented by plugins.


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