Am Samstag, 13. November 2010 schrieb Christian Tramnitz:
> Am 13.11.2010 11:23, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
> > However, my suggestion would be to implement authentication, encryption
> > and compression as an externel "layer". Much like a proxy, which offers
> > [...]
> I tend to agree with Dieter (and a few comments in vdrportal)... what
> the live-plugin currently does is about the fastest method of data
> transfer we could possibly have, so why not build on this?
> @Dieter: I haven't looked at the live internals in too much detail, for
> what part is tntnet being used and would we need to reuse this for the
> xml-http/JSON idea? tntnet and boost are not really common or
> light-weight, is there a simpler solution for that?

The functions LIVE is using from boost are header only and are AFAIK meanwhile 
implemented by GCC in the TR1 C++ standard library extension. Thus boost 
should not be considered heavy weight.

With tntnet it is a bit different. Tntnet does the complete http protocol 
handling incl. parsing the requests and providing the html c++ integration (in 
some way comparable how you merge html and php, but at compile time). It is 
based on an additional library (cxxtools) from the same developer Tommi 

I just checked the web-page[1] and found out that one of the newest features 
of cxxtools is now native support for xmlrpc (without the need for tntnet). It 
will also implement the complete http server needed.

Tommi was very responsive during 'main' LIVE development and I know that he 
continues to be as I traditionally still join the #tntnet channel on freenode. 
And he lives in Germany and not how one would guess from his name in Finland.

I just had a conversation with him on #tntnet and he would be glad if cxxtools 
(which by the way I just learned also supports JSON) could be used. Well at 
least if this project will make it beyond the 'being an idea' phase.


[1] http://www.tntnet.org/

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