2010/12/1 Udo Richter <udo_rich...@gmx.de>:
> Nice idea, however I see one small drawback: Until now, a 'pause'
> instant recording lasts 3 hours (or whatever was set up). With your
> patch, this time shortens to the time of the recording, which might be
> rather short, for example if the timer actually records the previous
> show and overlaps for a few minutes.

I also thought about this problem and I now might have a solution which
I'll try tonight. This would add a check if the time left in timer is longer
than the margin at stop defined in setup and would start replaying only if
this is true. Otherwise it would start a new instant recording as usual.

> This, together with the fact that this is probably unexpected by the
> user, can lead to disaster: If he's time-shifting later on, he'll be
> quite surprised that the recording has stopped minutes ago and the
> in-between show is gone.

This is one reason why I added this as optional feature.

> A probable solution would be to extend the ongoing recording to the
> minimum time shift time, eg. Setup.InstantRecordTime.

This is one possible solution and I will consider this also. This could be
another way of solving the problem if time left in the timer is too short.

> However, I have no problem with the fact that the same show is recorded
> twice. This doesn't cause too much system load, and with today's disk
> sizes, it really doesn't hurt.

This is quite true, but it seems some people like the new feature and I
would give it as an option.


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