Hi !

i just read up again on this:

Actually i think this would be also a good starting for 

a) save some energy - if DVB devices are not opened all the time, the
driver has the chance to put it into standby saving some heat, energy
and lifetime of the cards

b) have a beginning of dvb device hotplug - if dvb devices are
discovered on demand, its a good chance at a later stage to also add
and remove cards on the fly. There is sure some notification required
from udev to vdr so it can keep internal reference of the how many
devices are there. 

Not that i could help in doing this - being aware it might take a while
until its finished -  but i still thought to share my thoughts, that
this addition is not only usefull for shared frontends, but also for
general usage. 

Hope the work on this is continued and possibly accepted by Klaus after
some review and as work in progress. 

Kind Regards


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