> I don't see the advantage of implementing this directly into the VDR.

I do and would love to see this feature.

My cable TV provider offers several regional variations of the same TV
channel (*). They will show the same shows most of the time and differ
only for a regional broadcast once or twice a day.

Using epgsearch, I will get the same movie several times on these
channels, with WDR being the worst example.

However, I do not want to remove the variations from my channel list,
since there are (rare) occasions when I do want to record a regional



(*) here are just some of them:

NDR Fernsehen Hamburg
NDR Fernsehen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
NDR Fernsehen Niedersachsen
NDR Fernsehen Schleswig-Holstein

MDR Sachsen
MDR Sachsen-Anhalt
MDR Thüringen

WDR Aachen
WDR Bielefeld
WDR Bonn
WDR Dortmund
WDR Duisburg
WDR Düsseldorf
WDR Essen
WDR Köln
WDR Münster
WDR Siegen
WDR Wuppertal

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