On 11/01/11 15:51, Eric Valette wrote:
On 01/11/2011 03:18 PM, Tony Houghton wrote:
On 11/01/11 12:16, Eric Valette wrote:


cause its ubuntu and he uses debian ? ;)

The yavdr packages works fine on debian (or at least as on ubuntu)...

Except that:

I have them running on my box.Your problem are with xine not vdr...

True, but I think I need updated xine packages to go with VDR. The stock
Debian unstable ones don't seem to work at all with VDR 1.7 (probably
because of the change to TS format). Tobias Grimm's ones do, but VDPAU
really isn't usable in that version, so I'll have to try compiling 1.2.

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