On Wednesday 12 Jan 2011, Morfsta wrote:
> > Why not exclusively use the yaVDR repositories?
> My winter project has been to migrate my old hand compiled VDR-1.7.0
> system using Reel EHD to yaVDR (distro) using a Nvidia GT210 with HDMI
> audio. Its taken a bit of tweaking to get somewhere near (mostly
> addressing audio sync issues when I used the motherboard sound card
> via SPDIF) but now I can get HD video with multichannel audio through
> VDR and also switch from the VDR main menu into Boxee (need to add
> this yourself) to handle playing local media (and free movies provided
> in the library) as well as running apps such as BBC iplayer and all
> the hundreds of other TV apps available (You Tube, Browser, Flickr,
> CNET, NASA TV etc).

Sounds good. How are you running iPlayer, etc.? Through Firefox or 

My current setup headless setup (control by remote only) so I can't run 
anything else like a browser withough ssh-ing in (and I'd need X, too!). 
If I change it all and am forced to use X for the video output, I could 
also run other apps too, although it would be nice to do it all from just 
the remote...

> I also compiled up the vomp mediaplayer plugin to drive my 2 Hauppauge
> Media MVPs (TV and media distributed through the house) and hooked it
> up to my rotor (rotor plugin seems pretty unstable though and crashes
> VDR regularly) and use channel scan to find sat channels.

I've got a couple of Media MVPs hanging off of my setup too! They won't do 
HD, though. :-(



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