On 12/01/11 18:09, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
xineliboutput still uses xine. So it sounds like you are saying dump vdr
and keep xine. xine is the problem, not vdr.

You misunderstand. xineliboutput has a number of components:

1. A stream server plugin.
2. An integrated player plugin based on xine.
3. Standalone xine-based players for connecting to the server.

I propose using 1, ignoring 2 (you can disable it with CLI options, I do
this anyway because it's more convenient for me to use a client-server
setup) and replacing 3 with something based on ffmpeg and/or gstreamer.

From xineliboutput's README:

: (xine-lib is not required for server in network-only usage)

network usage can include localhost.

On 1/11/2011 1:41 PM, Tony Houghton wrote:
On 11/01/11 20:20, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
I would prefer a ffmpeg (mplayer) based interface and dump xine because
xine/vdpau combo doesn't properly handle problems with the atsc stream.

What about something based on gstreamer? Someone who understands that
could probably knock together a basic player that works with
xineliboutput in one day, but working out how to get the OSD would be a
bit harder. If whatever plugins gstreamer chooses automatically to
handle the TS etc turn out not to be suitable it can easily be forced to
use ffmpeg (or any other compatible plugin) instead. It also has VDPAU
and VA plugins.

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