On 13/01/11 00:11, VDR User wrote:
So instead of maintaining just a plugin (which depends on ffmpeg
decoding rather then xinelibs decoding), you think maintaining a new
player altogether in addition to a plugin that streams data into it?
Not to mention forcing VDR into being a backend only.  I know some
people have had success turning VDR into a server/client system but
when I tried it, it was trash and a long way from usable in a 'stable'
or 'daily use' VDR environment so I'm not that easily convinced the
idea is a great one.

The client-server model is almost essential to me. I wouldn't be
interested in a solution that ties me to watching on one PC only and
won't let me turn off playback without also preventing background
recording. I'd be using mythtv by now if the DVB-S support in the setup
tool wasn't completely broken.

VDR's inherent limitations are that you can't have more than one client
using it at once with separate OSDs etc, but that's acceptable to me as
long as I have a choice of which room to watch in. Client-server doesn't
have to make it unreliable, but admittedly it does increase complexity
and therefore the likelihood of bugs.

If written in a modular way the same bits of code could be used in two
different plugins, one completely inetgrated and one client-server, so I
won't say I'm completely disinterested in an all-in-one plugin.

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