>> Hi,
>> I have a suggestion: Treat the VPS margin the same way as the time a
>> non VPS timer will start before the EPG event starts. Example:
>> Tagesschau, starts at 8:00 PM.
>> If I don't use VPS, I will create a timer at 7:58 PM (in case the news
>> start slightly before 8)
>> If I use VPS, I will create a timer at 8:00 PM. The VPS margin is 2
>> minutes (in this example).
>> If I don't use VPS, another recording (with lower priority) will be
>> stopped at 7.58 PM. The timer will start recording.
>> If I use VPS, another recording (with lower priority) will be stopped
>> at 7.58 PM (my suggestion). The next two minutes, the device will be
>> used for VPS checking only. The recording will start at 8:00 PM.
>> Of course, this might look like wasting a device for two minutes only
>> to check the VPS. On the other side, not using VPS is even worse: I
>> will waste the device and disk space. So, using VPS is still better.
>> And, the timer with lower priority has lower priority by purpose. So,
>> I want it to be interrupted.
>> Summary:
>> I suggest to use GetDevice as soon as the timer is within the VPS margin.
>> This has the following advantages:
>> - Easy to implement
>> - Easy to understand for users, and expected behavior: The timer with
>> higher priority has higher priority :) .
>> - No rocket science
>> I admit, it has some disadvantages. But, from my point of view, these
>> are minor compared to the advantages. At the moment, I can use VPS
>> only with care as I might miss a recording with very high priority.
>> Markus
> Please provide a (tested) patch that implements this.
> Klaus

I attach a simple patch. I tried it out and it works for me. Any
comments are very welkome.

- Markus

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