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>Am 19.03.2011 18:40, schrieb Juergen Lock:
>>  There is one remaining bug tho:  After playback of a short recording
>> (sd in this case, 20s or so), vdr seems to kind of hang and I have
>> to kill it...  Can you reproduce that?  Longer recordings are not
>> affected.
>This is probably an old bug: For me, VDR has always been hanging at the
>end of a recording, if that recording is shorter than one minute. Takes
>10 or 20 seconds, then brings you back to live view again. Its not that
>annoying, as recordings are usually longer, so I've never been going on
>bug hunt for this.

Ah yeah, that could well be it.  I also found that sometimes playback
of a short recording that was played before(?) doesn't start until
you hit green... (black screen or `no signal', don't remember.)

 Anyway, you are right, short recordings are kinda rare in real life. :)


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