On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 2:24 AM, Tim <rollercoas...@reel-multimedia.com> wrote:
>> >> - Fixed detecting frames on channels that broadcast with 50 or 60 fps.
>> I just made a recording from "arte HD" with VDR 1.7.17 and everything
>> worked fine. It played correctly (on a TT-S2 6400 prototype), the current
>> and total times displayed by the progress display were correct and I was
>> able to place and move an editing mark with the picture getting updated
>> just fine.
> For me the frame detection works fine, but still the wrong framerate is 
> written
> to the info file (always F 25 is written there).
> Maybe some nasty patch is breaking this for me, but i don't find it. Is this
> really working correct for you?
> Can you give me a hint where the information is transferred from the
> cFrameDetector to cRecordingInfo?

I'll jump in and say that all my new HD recordings have the correct
framerate (mixture of 59.94 and 29.97) in their relative "info" files.
 I suspect some patch you're using is breaking this and you've
mentioned.  The good news is it should be pretty easy to figure out
which one.

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