I just looked at the pdf on this card. Euro only as it only supports PAL. Also, I just got my new 32" TV in dec and noticed that most where 1080p. There where few new 1080i. The local TV dealer said companies are discontinuing 1080i. Many new TV's even upscale to 120 or 240 creating interpolated frames. This card only goes to 1080i. It's already outdated.

On 4/19/2011 10:18 AM, Roland Behme wrote:
What I would like to know: with the new S2-6400 card does VDR works as
rock solid as worked with FF DVB-S cards?
This means for me:
- OSD and remote are working instanly
- even if I'm watching a HD playback, fast forward (and backward) works
as expected
- output device does not crash
- I can leave the whole system to work for weeks and to be operated by
my family, and it always will work as expected (as a VDR + FF DVB-S
combo does)

Well, it might be a little early to answer these questions thoroughly
since the very first cards reached the end-users yesterday, but the
first comments sound quite promising. According to this post[1] by
"spitzb", the card seems to work quite well. Here's a brief translation:

"There are no artifacts while zapping around. The picture turns black,
returns and that's it. On 1080i channels there is sometimes a still
picture for 0.5 seconds, but afterwards the picture gets fine again
Zapping intervals are around 1-2s from HD to HD and below 1s from HD/SD
to SD channels.
Moving fast forward and backwards in recordings is working flawlessly
including moving the cut-marks, sometimes there are a few block artifacts.
All in all it feels 'rock stable'. The picture is upscaled to 1080i and
looks much better than on eHD (Reel)."

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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