Hi Rob,

I also don't think its a pvrinput problem because:
streamdev doesn't query for a new device if the current and the next
channel has the same transponder. This is checked via the following

channels.h:#define ISTRANSPONDER(f1, f2)  (abs((f1) - (f2)) < 4) //XXX

All the channels in channel.conf have the same frequency, so streamdev
only changes the receivers but doesn't query for a device.
I havent understand exactly what you are doing. Do you use an analogue
input (like scart) of the pvr500 card and the channel switch script
changes the channel of another device ? If so, i could imagine the
frequency in channels.conf doesn't matter and you could simply modify
the frequencies.

Regards, Rainer

2011/6/8 Rob Davis <r...@davis-family.info>:
>>> I have a PVR500 with the PVRInput plugin running on my Backend.
>>> I am using an old Hauppauge FF DVB-s card just as a frontend on another
> low powered system in order to throw the PVRInput channels to the
> kitchen.  On the backend it's all working, however, switching between
> channels doesn't quite work, as the streamdev server will give the
> client the same channel over and over again regardless of what it
> requested, unless the device changes (ie, if I go from /dev/video1 to
> /dev/video2 it'll change channel).
>> how do you force switching the video device?
> i hacked device.c.. But don't tell anyone.. :-)
>>> An example of the channel list is:
>>> 2-WTTW PBS_Affiliate
>>> ntsc;WTTW:67250:TV|NTSC:V:0:301+101=2:300=@4:0:0:30020:32:32:0
>>> 3-WREX NBC_Affiliate
>>> ntsc;WREX:67250:TV|NTSC:V:0:301+101=2:300=@4:305:0:30030:48:48:0 4-WTVO
> ABC_Affiliate
>>> ntsc;WTVO:67250:TV|NTSC:V:0:301+101=2:300=@4:0:0:30040:64:64:0
>>> 5-WIFR CBS_Affiliate
>>> ntsc;WIFR:67250:TV|NTSC:V:0:301+101=2:300=@4:0:0:30050:80:80:0
>>> 6-WQRF Fox_Affiliate
>>> ntsc;WQRF:67250:TV|NTSC:V:0:301+101=2:300=@4:0:0:30060:96:96:0
>>> But, obviously all on the same line.  I think this is probably an issue
> with streamdev rather than pvrinput as it works with Vomp happily.
>>> I need it to detach and change channel in order to trigger the external
> channel changer script.
>> pvrinput does its channel settings (this includes executing the
>> externchannelswitch-script) inside its function OpenDvr() while the encoder
>> is still stopped.
>> The settings will only be done if the bool ChannelSettingsDone is false.
> This
>> bool is always false at first plugin start. I guess this is the reason
> why your channel settings were done once:
>>> Jun  7 19:13:24 oac vdr: [8795] entering cPvrDevice::OpenDvr: Dvr of
> /dev/video1 (PVR500#1) is closed
>>> Jun  7 19:13:24 oac vdr: [8795] entering cPvrDevice::CloseDvr: Dvr of
> /dev/video1 (PVR500#1) is closed
>>> Jun  7 19:13:24 oac vdr: [8795] cPvrDevice::ResetBuffering(): tsBuffer
> prefill = 314524 for /dev/video1 (PVR500#1)
>>> Jun  7 19:13:24 oac vdr: [8795] channel is television.
>>> Jun  7 19:13:24 oac vdr: [8795] OpenDvr: calling
>>> /etc/vdr/plugins/pvrinput/externchannelswitch.sh 30040 4 1 67250 Jun  7
> 19:13:25 oac vdr: [8795] OpenDvr: returned from
>>> /etc/vdr/plugins/pvrinput/externchannelswitch.sh 30040 4 1 67250 Jun  7
> 19:13:25 oac vdr: [8795] OpenDvr: sleeping for 3 seconds... Jun  7
> 19:13:28 oac vdr: [8795] OpenDvr: waking up
>>> Jun  7 19:13:28 oac vdr: [8795] SetVBImode(525, 0) on /dev/video1
>> When leaving OpenDvr, the bool is set to true.
>> It will only become false again during runtime, if vdr calls the
> pvrinput- function SetChannelDevice() and determines the needed
> settings.
>> And this is your problem. There are no debug messages from pvrinput's
> SetChannelDevice() or ProvidesChannel(), so vdr never calls  these
> pvrinput
>> functions - although a channel switch for a pvrinput device is requested.
>> But why? I have no idea. It works for you with vomp. It worked for me
> with streamdev when I tested this last year. But I had only
> streamdev-server running and used vlc to switch channels.
>> Maybe a streamdev developer reads this and has an idea or can explain
> possible
>> interactions between streamdev-client, vdr and a receiving device.
> I think this is a streamdev issue not a pvrinput one, as if I change from
> channel 5 to 6 on the remote streamdev client it will continue to display
> channel 5.  If both my tuners are busy then it will lock to channel 5 on
> my backend if I test it with xineliboutput.  Not lock to channel 6.  I had
> a look at the http::// streamdev playlist settings and it sees different
> channel pids.  Streamdev to vlc would work as it breaks the streamdev
> connection when you change channel.  But streamdev-server to
> streamdev-client doesn't seem to break the connection, just request a
> second channel as it releases the first.
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