Hi Rob,

> Can we put a check in streamdev to check if it's a pvrinput device and
> recall even if the frequency is the same?

if i got it right the pvr devices hasn't to be retuned when switching
the channel, but the externchannelswitch-script has to be executed.

IMO it isn't a good idea to check for a pvrinput device in the
softdevice server. These two plug-ins shouldn't have any dependencies.
What you really need is that the external channel script gets executed
If some "constraints" are fullfilled. My first idea is to extend the
core vdr for a callback function which informs plugins about
attaching/detaching receivers to/from a device and retuning of a

With this informations a plugin could execute such externchannelswitch-scripts.

But i think there is a problem that can't be fixed with this approach:
When watch live tv on channel 1 and streamdev requests channel 2, vdr
cannot handle this. Why? : vdr/streamdev doesn't know that 2 different
pvrinput-devices are needed. Correct me if i'm wrong

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