> Hi Rob,
> I also don't think its a pvrinput problem because:
> streamdev doesn't query for a new device if the current and the next
> channel has the same transponder. This is checked via the following
> define:
> channels.h:#define ISTRANSPONDER(f1, f2)  (abs((f1) - (f2)) < 4) //XXX
> All the channels in channel.conf have the same frequency, so streamdev
> only changes the receivers but doesn't query for a device.
> I havent understand exactly what you are doing. Do you use an analogue
> input (like scart) of the pvr500 card and the channel switch script
> changes the channel of another device ? If so, i could imagine the
> frequency in channels.conf doesn't matter and you could simply modify
> the frequencies.

ok, that makes sense to me...

I am using a brain dead cable box which are being given away by the cable
company, these have RF out only on either US Channel 3 or 4. I have two of
these wired together with a signal combiner (To minimize the side band
intererence).  For pvrinput they all need this frequency.. (now at Ch 4),
if device 1 is busy I hacked pvrinput to flip the frequency to channel 3,
but streamdev would never know this.

Can we put a check in streamdev to check if it's a pvrinput device and
recall even if the frequency is the same?

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