On 08/19/11 11:46, Steffen Barszus wrote:
Hi !

After having seen that there are several plug-ins computing the
recording length on their own and that being a very expensive task (in
respect of io and cpu) and also the same implementation needs to be
copied over and over again, i would like to request, that vdr is
storing the length of a recording and make it accessible to the
plug-ins. I would imagine, that some logic to store it in the info file
after/while generating/writing the index would be a good way.

Plug-ins which possibly could make use of that are:
* live
* extrecmenu
* restfulapi

I'm sure there are more of it.

Has someone allready thought of this ? Are there any plans to have that
or someone allready using a patch for this ?

How about cIndexFile::GetLength()?
This was newly added in version 1.7.20.


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