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Klaus Schmidinger<klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de>  wrote:

On 08/19/11 11:46, Steffen Barszus wrote:
Hi !

After having seen that there are several plug-ins computing the
recording length on their own and that being a very expensive task
(in respect of io and cpu) and also the same implementation needs
to be copied over and over again, i would like to request, that vdr
is storing the length of a recording and make it accessible to the
plug-ins. I would imagine, that some logic to store it in the info
file after/while generating/writing the index would be a good way.

How about cIndexFile::GetLength()?
This was newly added in version 1.7.20.

Not yet - its returning the number of frames - to have one calculation,
length in seconds would be required (Ok, its available as well).

Also it reads the index directly (if i'm not mistaken, i can barely
read C), which would then be read x-times , where x is the number of
plugins using it ( + vdr ? I'm not sure of it ).

I would think that in recording.h as public member of class
cRecordingInfo would make sense. In my understanding the recordings
information are held in memory after reading it with
ScanVideoDir, this should be part of that information in
memory (not reading file from disk for this separately).

I don't want to make this part of the 'info' file.
Besides, it's only the directory entry that gets read, not
the file itself.


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